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Los Angeles County

Please note the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will be updating their data processing systems beginning Friday, July 3rd, so there will not be any updated data reported by them this weekend. While we will not be able to update the data in our existing charts, we will be rolling out new charts this weekend so please don’t wait until Monday to see what is new. Please mask up!

Updated thru Thursday, July 2nd

The situation summary provides a brief narrative read that snapshots how Los Angeles County is doing. Alternatively, you can review the charts below in detail at your own pace. There is a separate situation summary that snapshots specifically the South Bay Los Angeles beach cities.

Chart of new Confirmed Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths (columns) for Los Angeles County as a whole. Trendlines (dotted lines) are seven day moving averages. Read more.

Chart of current COVID-19 hospitalizations (solid orange line at the top) along with those patient counts in the ICU (Intensive Care Units) and on ventilators (light and dark orange columns, respectively). New hospitalizations and deaths (dashed lines) and their three day moving average trend lines (dotted) are also shown. Read more.

Chart of (cumulative) Tests, and Confirmed Cases, New Tests (column) for Los Angeles County. Trendline (dotted line) is a seven day moving average of New Tests. Read more.

Chart of cumulative Confirmed Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths (columns) for L.A. County as a whole.

see more…

Chart of distribution of New Deaths by Age Group (solid lines) and Underlying Conditions (dashed lines) for Los Angeles County. The dotted line is total New Deaths. See more charts showing demographics distributions by Ethnicity, Income and Gender.

Charts specific to the local beach cities of South Bay Los Angeles showing Confirmed Cases, Hospitalizations, Deaths and Testing.

How is Los Angeles County doing relative to New York City? See the comparison charts between Los Angeles County and New York City.

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