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Hospitalizations – Los Angeles County


This is another two axis chart. The solid orange line running along the top shows the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations currently in Los Angeles County. The light orange columns shows those number of patients currently in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and the dark orange columns shows those on ventilators. All of these counts are scaled with the right vertical axis

For any correlation purpose, the dashed lines chart the new hospitalizations (orange) and new deaths (black) each day. The corresponding dotted lines show a three day moving average trend line for these. All of these use the left vertical axis for scale.


This new chart focuses on the hospitalizations in Los Angeles County. The top line (solid orange) of COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized in the county looks to be decreasing gradually (over ten percent during the past week and a half). Let’s hope this trend continues on…

The light and dark orange columns show the current numbers of these patients in the ICU and on ventilators, respectively. Neither sets of these show any clear pattern of behaviour yet, hovering up and down within a few percentage points.

The pair of dashed lines show the number of new hospitalizations (orange) and deaths (dark grey) in the county each day. A seven day moving average trend line for each is shown dotted in their corresponding colours. These are plotted here to see if any patterns or correlations develop over the coming days and weeks.

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See more charts for Los Angeles County showing Testing, Confirmed Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths for the county as a whole.

More charts showing demographics distributions by Age Group, Underlying Conditions, Ethnicity, Income and Gender for Los Angeles County as a whole.

How is Los Angeles County doing relative to New York City? See the comparison charts between Los Angeles County and New York City.

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