Since Monday, the local beach cities from El Segundo to Torrance have already accumulated a total of sixty new confirmed cases. This is already 42.5% of last week’s total of 141 and 84.5% of the 71 during the week before that. This is also already more than the entirety of the first week of June or any of the five weeks before that.

Torrance was at the forefront among these beach cities again with another eighteen new confirmed cases today. Their total for the week is twenty-seven which is already 42.8% of last week’s total and more than the entirety of the first week of June. Redondo Beach had four new confirmed cases today, fourteen for the week – more than half of last week’s total of twenty-seven.

Manhattan Beach also had four new confirmed cases today. They are eleven for the week which is 42.3% of last week’s total of twenty-six and already the same as the week before that. Hermosa Beach and El Segundo each had three new confirmed cases today. They are five and three for the week, respectively.

El Segundo handily has the fewest confirmed cases among these South Bay beach cities with only fifty-four cases. Hermosa Beach is a distant second with seventy-seven cases. With its much larger population, Redondo Beach retains the title of the lowest case rate at 307.1 per 100,000 people. El Segundo has the next lowest case rate at 321.7 per 100,000 people while the remaining three cities are distant runners-up. Torrance continues to have the most confirmed cases (now 582, more than two and a half times the city with the next highest count, Redondo Beach at 211). Torrance also has the highest case rate of these beach cities at 389.9 per 100,000 people.

More charts and commentary can be read in the Situation Summary for the South Bay beach cities.

L.A. County – Thursday, July 2nd

Today, Los Angeles County had 2,160 more new confirmed cases than the total reported from yesterday. This is up over 9% from the the day before and it is the sixth highest single day increase. The cumulative positivity rate in the county (excluding Long Beach and Pasadena) from 100,188 persons tested positive out of 1,133,140…