Since Monday, the local beach cities from El Segundo to Torrance have already accumulated a total of eighty-one new confirmed cases, blowing past last week’s total of seventy-one cases and every other week since April 26th when there were seventy-nine cases. With two days remaining in the week, it looks like the ninety cases for the week ending April 12th will also be eclipsed.

Torrance was the frontrunner among these beach cities again with another four new confirmed cases. Their total for the week so far is forty, falling short of the forty-three that they had the entirety of last week. Manhattan Beach had another two new confirmed cases today, taking their total for the week to fourteen, with two more days remaining. The city has already surpassing the eleven cases that they had the entirety of last week and it is just short of tripling their cases from the week before that.

Redondo Beach and El Segundo each had one new confirmed cases today; they are fourteen and six, respectively, for the week. Hermosa Beach came away empty-handed today so they stay at seven for the week.

El Segundo handily has the fewest confirmed cases among these South Bay beach cities with forty-eight. Redondo Beach retains the title of the lowest case rate at 267.8 per 100,000 people. With a case rate of 311.1 per 100,000 people, Manhattan Beach is the third city to have passed the 300 level, joining joining Hermosa Beach and Torrance. Torrance continues to have the most confirmed cases (now 532, more than two and a half times the city with the next highest count, Redondo Beach at 184). Torrance also has the highest case rate of these beach cities at 356.4 per 100,000 people.

More charts and commentary can be read in the Situation Summary for the South Bay beach cities.

L.A. County – Thursday, July 2nd

Today, Los Angeles County had 2,160 more new confirmed cases than the total reported from yesterday. This is up over 9% from the the day before and it is the sixth highest single day increase. The cumulative positivity rate in the county (excluding Long Beach and Pasadena) from 100,188 persons tested positive out of 1,133,140…