Today, Los Angeles County reported 1,765 more new confirmed cases than the total that was announced yesterday. This is the tenth highest single day increase. Since Monday, the county has also had its highest, second highest and sixth highest one day increases. As the county Director of Public Health stated on Monday, the day the highest record was set, “What we really saw today, and I think what we’ve been seeing all along is what I would call a real increase that is attributed to more community transmission.”

New hospitalizations increased 17.4% today from sixty-nine to eighty-one. New deaths increased 30.6% from thirty-six to forty-seven. While these are large percentage jumps, the actual counts are relatively low (i.e., not worth panicking over yet). Inside the hospitals, the current number of COVID-19 patients increased 2.6% from 1,633 to 1,676. The number of patients currently being treated in the ICU increased by 6.8% from 408 to 436. The number of patients on ventilators (294) remained the same as yesterday.

More charts and commentary can be read in the Situation Summary for Los Angeles County.

South Bay – Thursday, July 2nd

The local beach cities from El Segundo to Torrance together added twelve new confirmed cases to their total of ninety-five since Monday. This is already over 67% of last week’s record high total of 141 confirmed cases and more than the 71 cases from either of the two weeks before that. Torrance was at the […]