Mondays tend to start off the week slow so Los Angeles County had only 773 more new confirmed cases than the total announced yesterday. This is a large drop due in part to a correction of 298 cases made by the county public health department today. New hospitalizations dropped again from seven down to just one? New deaths increased slightly from seventeen to nineteen. We will have to see what corrections and numbers come out on Tuesday.

Inside the hospitals, the current number of COVID-19 patients decreased by 7.1% from 1,383 down to 1,285. The number of patients currently being treated in the ICU went down by 4.1% from 415 to 398. The number of patients on ventilators increased by 11.2% from 277 to 308.

More charts and commentary can be read in the Situation Summary for Los Angeles County.

South Bay – Saturday, July 25th

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