For those of you who are following this blog, we are back with the latest local South Bay beach cities’ updated numbers in a new (less verbose) format featuring scorecards (like above) for each of the cities. You can see these new scorecards and other new charts in the Situation Summary for the South Bay beach cities. We’ll provide (brief) explanations about these new scorecards soon but please leave us feedback about what you think of this new format and most especially what you think is still missing that you might want to know. We’ll get caught up posting the Los Angeles County updates this weekend too.

Also, there was another death recorded for Torrance today (again). This is the third death among Torrance residents this week and raises their cumulative total to fifty-six and their mortality rate to 37.5 per 100,000 residents. Both of these are substantially higher than any of the other South Bay beach cities.

The Costco location on Hindry Avenue in Hawthorne is now up to eleven confirmed cases among their staff.

More charts and commentary can be read in the Situation Summary for the South Bay beach cities.

L.A. County – Thursday, July 2nd

Today, Los Angeles County had 2,160 more new confirmed cases than the total reported from yesterday. This is up over 9% from the the day before and it is the sixth highest single day increase. The cumulative positivity rate in the county (excluding Long Beach and Pasadena) from 100,188 persons tested positive out of 1,133,140…