Today, Manhattan Beach had one new confirmed case, Redondo Beach had two and Torrance added another four to their count. Over the course of last week (through Sunday), Torrance added thirty-five new cases, Redondo Beach increased by six, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach each added three, and Hermosa Beach added just one new confirmed case. The additions in Torrance last week alone exceeded the sum of all the cities combined during the prior week. These numbers and comparisons with last week are shown in the new chart debuting below.

Among the South Bay beach cities, Hermosa Beach still has the fewest confirmed cases (29) and the lowest case rate at 147.4 per 100,000 people. Torrance continues to have the most confirmed cases (now 388) and the highest case rate at 259.9 per 100,000 people.

The current overall situation in the beach cities of South Bay Los Angeles range from stabilized (Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach) to slightly less so (Redondo Beach) to concerning (Torrance). New confirmed cases in Los Angeles County are continuing to increase at a much higher rate than these cities. Testing has signicantly increased this past week. All of the South Bay beach cities have now surpassed having three percent of their population tested.

To this date, most of the beach cities considered here have done well at keeping the spread down. Looking at individual, isolated portions of the overall story told by the charts below, it’s possible to see an idyllic local picture and wonder what’s the big deal? Looking just several miles distant or at the larger context, the situation isn’t nearly so idyllic though and bears further vigilant monitoring because things can get bad very quickly…