Today, Los Angeles County had 1,804 more confirmed cases than announced yesterday. This is the largest single day change but “some of these cases are from a backlog of test results.” New hospitalizations today dropped to just five but new deaths more than doubled to twenty-seven. For the week ending Sunday, there were 7,014 new confirmed cases (+11% over the previous week), 361 new hospitalizations (-11% over the previous week) and 283 new deaths (-2.75% over the previous week). During this same period, there were an average of 1,522 patients in hospital care (-11% over the previous week), 409 of these in the Intensive Care Unit (-7% over the previous week) and 291 on ventilators (-8% over the previous week).

Los Angeles County continues to lead California with the most number of COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths by a huge margin with over 47% of the state’s confirmed cases and over 55% of its deaths. Nonetheless, it is possible to regard the current overall situation here as stable, perhaps even with guarded optimism. The daily number of new confirmed cases is high but can be considered plateaued within a range over the past month, all while testing has roughly tripled. New hospitalizations has dropped more than half over the past month and even new deaths has decreased slightly over this same span of days. Inside the hospitals, the current number of patients, in the ICU and on ventilators are all down from the previous week.